Prospect Research

Good intelligence is key. Are you talking to the right people? Did you ask for the right amount?

If you ask and a donor says "yes" immediately, you didn't ask for enough. If you spend time cultivating a donor only to ask for an amount beyond his/her capacity, you've not done yourself any favors.

Arrowhead Management creates research profiles for many reasons:

Potential donor

After you've identified a prospect whose interests are basically aligned with your cause, AM creates a detailed profile.

The profile includes previous donation history, political contributions, board affiliations, wealth and asset affiliation, biographical info, recent news articles and just about anything we can find. Some profiles are more detailed than others; yet, we aren't the "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" who hacks into computers, reads emails and checks bank accounts. Our research gives you an idea of how much to ask for, who the person is and their funding priorities.

Executive Meetings

The CEO of AltaMed Health Services, a health care organization with $350m annual operating budget, does not meet with "new people" without Arrowhead Management supplying a basic research profile.

We provide basic biographical information and philanthropic associations. This is enough for your organization's C-Level executives to understand who they are meeting, what that person will likely want from them, how they can help your organization and some comfort.


Events may be your only opportunity to strike up conversations with potential donors. Too often organizations miss an opportunity because their staff and volunteer leaders do not know who is in the room and do not take advantage of that time.

We advise clients to use events not to interact with currently engaged donors, but rather to identify people who are first-time guests; this may be your only chance to get in front of them and make an impression that your organization is a cause they want to be involved in.

Arrowhead Management has become very well-known for our "Prada" book. Our book was inspired by the film The Devil Wears Prada, where two assistants memorized two incredibly large folders full of VIP's.

Arrowhead Management profiles all event attendees and works with your organization to prioritize which guests should be focused on at the event.

We put together donor postcards with photos, affiliations and a brief description of their interests in your organization and how to engage themztable number, guest of, etc). The postcards discreetly fit into a coat pocket.


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